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Point-of-sale displays crucial to any marketing plan

Point-of-sale displays crucial to any marketing plan

As one of this country’s leading point-of-sale consultants, Sandy Young of Warner Displays Ltd knows there are crucial points to take into consideration when planning displays.

Sandy says, “Did you know that 74 per cent of all purchasing decisions are made at the point-of-sale.  Despite the hype and high cost of media advertising, the shopper usually makes his or her final purchase decision in the store on the day.”

She adds, “At that stage your product is surrounded by competitive products crying out for attention. At point-of-sale, the right customer buying actions can be triggered by an effective display.  This is why point-of-sale remains the single most important element in the entire marketing mix.

Great products can be let down at the point-of-sale by poorly designed displays, says Sandy, who has many years of experience in the area.  She is happy to offer her advice on what to avoid.  Her list of ten common mistakes at point-of-sale are listed below, along with how to make money from your displays.


10 Common Mistakes

10 Common Mistakes

Mistake One
Lacking experience advice on design and constructions. Ask for help from an experienced point-of-sale display designer to manufacturer.

Mistake Two
Not versatile enough.  Every retail outlet has varying space available.  Have you done enough research on what your display stand could be used for?

Mistake Three
Allowances have not been made for new stock, packaging changes or changes in product weight.  Has everyone in your sales and marketing team been consulted? Has there, or will there be, any packaging size changes?

Mistake Four
The stand does not enhance your product.  Your point-of-sale consultant will help you to correctly display the product on the stand.

Mistake Five
The stand is not targeting the product to the right customer.  Is it attractive to the client? For example is it fun looking to children>

Mistake Six
Wrong colour!  Don’t forget the display stand is there to enhance your product by displaying it effectively, i.e. you are not trying to sell the stand.  Make the colour part of the packaged stock or logo.

Mistake Seven
Not economical to freight.  The stand does not collapse for cost savings in packaging and freighting.

Mistake Eight
The stand is too expensive for the stock line displayed.  Be aware of needless over-capitalising on your display stand.

Mistake Nine
Display does not allow for easy restocking or change of stock.  If shelves, baskets and bilster prongs do no move or adjust easily (for new stock and restocking) this leads to added costs and high labour costs to maintain the stand.

Mistake Ten
Not using a reliable display manufacturer.  Not using a service oriented company which offers extra services from concept and design to packaging, signage, distribution service.  This can cause numerous problems; late delivery and other errors due to bad communication.


A client has a range of do-it-yourself car repair products. These products are purchased and used by generally inexperienced people who have often never used this type of product before so they are not aware of what to purchase or how it works. This client want to sell a family of products to its customers to do this the customer needed educating.


Three ways to make money with point-of-sale displays

Three ways to make money with point-of-sale displays

1. Provide user information, i.e. seasonal use if it is a seasonal product.
2. Promote product benefits and results to the buyer.
3. Promote the use and benefits of using a range of your products displayed therefore selling not just one item but several at once!
These are easily done by simply adding a clip-on brochure pocket or a data strip that sticks to the shelf or stand.


  • Don’t take short cuts on point-of-sale display stand design and production
  • Display stands are excellent cost effective, in-store sales people and you only pay them once in their lifetime!
  • Effective displays are important! They give your product and company an extra edge and promote awareness.
  • Do ask for experienced advice.