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Case study

A client has a range of do-it-yourself car repair products. These products are purchased and used by generally inexperienced people who have often never used this type of product before so they are not aware of what to purchase or how it works. This client want to sell a family of products to its customers – to do this the customer needed educating.

Warners’ solution was to design and manufacture a modular display stand to enable the customer to vary the range depending on the retail outlet.  It was powdercoated in an eye-catching colour that enhanced the packaging and brand colours.  The stand has every item the customer needs from start to finish.  Some of the items were not necessarily a product the client made but it was there as part of the service to their customers.

A brochure pocket was added with step-by-step information. Also available was a video which can be purchased to show the customer how to do jobs correctly.

This type of point –of-sale display sells well as it installs confidence in the customer.  Therefore, they purchase the full range of what is needed for the job so the vale of each sale increases dramatically by simply educating the customer.

Sandy concludes by saying, “Most people procrastinate initially about spending money on point-of-sale displays.  My clients who have point-of-sale displays now comment on how easily their initial outlay was retuned to them by the increased sales created by the point-of-sale display.  They ensure the display is kept interesting by varying the message from time to time.”