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POS Racks for the Atlas EziFind Range

Steel & Tube when launching their new “Atlas EziFind” range of colour coded fasteners looked to Warner Displays for a solution to simplifying the merchandising process along with ensuring the best presentation possible in the outlets it was launching the offer.

The need for someone that understood the markets and the process of ensuring the maximised sale opportunities meant Steel & Tube required a company with experience across the retail industry.

“The development from the first basic concepts to finished item was a quick and simple process” Stuart Birrell from Steel & Tube National Merchants believes was a key reason for using Warner’s. “We needed to ensure we could have versatility in the merchandising fixtures we were going to use, knowing they could be used with most retail racking systems and allow our sales force a quick setup time has been part of the success of the launch of our new Atlas EziFind range”.

Specialised fixtures like the style used by Steel & Tube allow for pre-loading of product prior to merchandising and in turn speed to in-store setup time.